Shoemaking - Outsole - Plantation Crepe - Sheet

Shoemaking - Outsole - Plantation Crepe - Sheet

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Plantation Crepe is a textured rubber that has excellent flexibility and natural grip.  These soles are boasted to be the most comfortable by many shoemakers. 

Thickness: 3mm (6 iron)

Benefits of Plantation Crepe:
*soft and comfortable
* lightweight
* flexible
* excellent traction
* easy to cut

What is Plantation Crepe?

AKA Crepe or Plantation Rubber.  It is a natural material that’s predominantly made from latex tapped from trees like the Pará rubber tree. Tapping rubber does not harm trees. In fact, a single tree can be tapped regularly for up to 40 years, and produce up to 19 pounds of latex rubber every year.

Sheet Sizes:
Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4″.