Veg Tan Shanked Midsole

My 1st attempt at creating a veg tanned shanked midsole.

So attempting to make a pair of heels with the guidance from the course.  I am very excited to start this process.  

Well I am having the hardest time finding midsoles so going to try to attempt to create some. 

- Leathers: 3-4oz veg tan & 2oz veg tan. I used 2 different weights of veg tan so midsole would not be to bulky.
- Fiddlestick shank because it fit my last the best.
- Strong Glue - I used Renia Colle de Cologne... love this stuff!!

- Last
- Lasting Jack
- Shoe Hammer
- Lasting Nails size 7/8
- Small Glue Brush/Spreader - I prefer to use a silicone spreader for these narrow areas.
- Claw Tool - I tried out this tool instead of the lasting pincers to remove nails.  I think it removes them quicker and cleaner.
- Skiving Knife:
Saftey Beveler Skiving Knife vs Angled Skiving Knife
As you can see in the picture my first attempt was using the safety beveler and it didn't go to well. 😞 Honestly, I do not know how to use a safety beveler correctly. I do not know how people make it look so easy.  I totally hacked my edge & upper. For the 2nd one I pre-skived the bottom 1/2" from the edge to zero with my skiving knife before assembly. This turned out much better for me. 🙃

To prepare my midsole I pre-shaped it by wetting the leather and wrapping it on my last.  Then let it dry for 24 hours before starting this process.

I also pre-shaped the metal shank on my last by tacking it to my last and hammering it, so it would mimic the curve of the last. 

Sorry I forgot to take pics of these steps. 🤦🏽‍♀️

🙋🏽‍♀️ I am not an expert or claim to be. I just enjoy sharing my process & experiences in the hopes to inspire others.
Happy Creating. Misty Rose - mzz T rzz