International Shipping Policy

Thank you for peeking at my store and your interest in my products.

After much conflict I have chosen to only ship to the US.  As a small business owner, I cannot afford refunding/replacing items that get lost in international shipping -or- people refusing to pay the tariff costs, declining the order then demanding a refund, sadly yes this has happened.

If you are willing to assume all risks and pay the fees assessed for an international order, I would be happy to process an order for you. 

To process an international order: 

- A valid credit card will be required and will be placed on file for 3 months after your order has been confirmed delivered to cover any unknown fees, tariffs, or taxes related to your order.  If the order is undeliverable, declined or refused your credit card will be charged for the returned shipping and for any tariffs or taxes that are accessed in the return.

- The shipping cost charged to order does not include any international customs duty, tariffs, or taxes.  If applicable, you will be responsible to pay these fees to the shipping carrier prior to delivery.  These fees range from 5 - 25% and are assessed on the fair market value of imported goods at the time they land.

- If your order is lost in transit or certified “delivered” and not received, you will be responsible to contact the shipping carrier to resolve the lost package. 

If you agree to the above, please email me the desired items by sharing your cart at checkout and your shipping address.  I will email you a shipping quote and the credit card authorization form to process your order.

Thank you for your understanding,

Misty Rose - mzz T rzz Shoemaking Materials & Tools