3 Lincoln Stain Wax Shoe Polish Tins
Leather Care - Lincoln - Stain Wax Shoe Polish
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Leather Care - Lincoln - Stain Wax Shoe Polish

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Lincoln Shoe Polish is the same product that launched in 1925. To this day, the Lincoln Shoe Polish company holds true to the creator's, John Lincoln, secret formula and strict quality standards.  Lincoln Shoe Polish is made with hard Carnauba wax, so it is solid at room temperature, and will not harm or dry out leather.  This polish can produce a high-gloss shine, protect leather against moisture and wear, all without damaging the leather underneath.

Lincoln Shoe Polish is a stain wax, and it will add color when applied. The Neutral “color” does not have stain added, and it will go on transparently.

Lincoln Shoe Polish does not go bad or expire.  If a white or grey-ish layer forms on top of the polish is the result of “sweating” or wax bloom, and it happens when the shoe polish experiences rapid heating and cooling.  This may be accompanied by slight color separation.

If your Lincoln Shoe Polish has crumbled or developed wax bloom, you can use a little heat to melt the wax back into the shoe polish.  Here are a few examples:

    1. Place the closed tin of shoe polish near a heat source such as a floor vent or radiator.
    2. Hold a lighter underneath the can until the wax softens.  This method is often preferred by Lincoln Shoe Polish customers who served / are serving in the military.

Available in 12 colors.

To bring old shoes back to life, consider using Lincoln's E-Z Cleaner to clean leather shoes before polishing.

Lincoln Shoe Polish Stain Wax is ideal for bovine leathers, cordovan, and corfam.  NEVER use on patent leather, leather that has been treated to have a glossy finish, exotic leathers, suede or nubuck.

Size: 3 fl oz.

Made in USA

About Lincoln Shoe Polish:
John Lincoln first developed his innovative shoe polish in his San Francisco kitchen during the 1920s. Products have always been made right here in California, meeting the state's strict standards for environmental safety and our own strict standards for quality and consistency. The Lincoln Shoe Polish company produces everything in small batches, using the original formulas and ingredients their founder, John Lincoln, would use.