Adhesive - Barge - All Purpose TF Cement

Adhesive - Barge - All Purpose TF Cement

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Barge All-purpose TF Cement bonds most soling materials for use in the repair of shoes. Outstanding for bonding most Rubber Compounds and Leather.
• Toluene-Free
• Provides a superior bond • Waterproof, will not freeze • Easy to spread

DRY TIME: 10-15 Min.

OPEN TIME: Up to 4 Hours

Sizes: 3/4oz and 2oz

Made in USA

*Make sure to use in a well ventilated area.


1. For best results, lightly sand or buff both surfaces.

2. Clean and dry surfaces to be bonded as well as making sure they are free of oil.

3. When applying Barge to an especially porous surface, it is recommended to use 2 coats in order to facilitate a stronger bond. Cork & Felt often require an extra coat in order to allow Barge to sink in to the pores and properly bond to each material. 

4. Barge can be reactivated with heat, due to flammable properties a hair dryer is the recommended heat source.

Barge was originally developed during the 1930s as a new method for repairing shoe soles.  Barge has been a trusted adhesive for over 70 years.  Barge has long been the adhesive of choice for leather crafting, shoe repair and professional costuming due to its unparalleled strength and flexibility.