Shoemaking - Haller - Hirschkleber - Paste
Shoemaking - Haller - Hirschkleber - Paste
Shoemaking - Haller - Hirschkleber - Paste

Shoemaking - Haller - Hirschkleber - Paste

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Hirschkleber is an all-natural, non-toxic paste that requires pressure to adhere.

Please note, Hirschkleber is NOT suitable for gluing soles to the shoe.

In shoemaking, Hirschkleber is used to adhere shoe toe puffs and counters.  It reinforces and hardens the toe box.  It also enables ventilation inside shoes because in does not seal the pores in leather.  It is unlike ordinary glue that seals off leather leaving air unable to circulate through shoes.

Special features: 
Does not smell
Does not spoil
Does not ferment
Very durable 
Does not seal pores in leather so it always remains breathable
Perfect for fixing the inner leather lining to the shoes upper

Should Hirschkleber become hard, just heat it and stir with a little water and it is ready for use again!

The product can be washed off with water, clean with warm water with the film dried up, if necessary, gently mechanically remove adhesive residues.

The preservation is free of heavy metals, phenols and formalin and complies with the applicable BfR guidelines.


TRANSLATION of text in back of package:

Deer glue, the popular indoor glue from Haller.

Has excellent adhesive strength, does not penetrate, holds needle-free and dries very quickly. Deer glue is always reliable and is suitable for gluing leather, felt, cardboard, paper, textiles, etc. Deer glue is always ready to use, but due to its high yield it can still be diluted with water as required. Deer glue is very durable, does not smell, ferment or spoil and is therefore pleasant and economical in use. Deer glue that has become thick becomes ready for use again by heating or soaking and, due to its many advantages, is a popular and inexpensive glue that, once tried, nobody wants to be without.

The can is to be closed again immediately after use.

Dry Time: 10-15 min
Open Time: 5 - 30 min

Adhesive based on modified starch

Size: 600g

Made in Germany

*Make sure to use in a well ventilated area.

1. Clean your materials before cementing.
2. Apply an even coat to BOTH surfaces to be joined.
3. Press together. Cement dries and bond sets in 2-5 minutes.
4. Bond strength increases with age.

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