Shoemaking - Renia - Aquilim SG - Contact Cement

Shoemaking - Renia - Aquilim SG - Contact Cement

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Renia Aquilim SG is a solvent-free poly-vinyl-acetate dispersion that is pressure-sensitive and designed for non-permanent bonds.

Suitable for all materials used in shoe uppers, handbags, belts, and other leather goods.

Many materials can be bonded with each other like PUR-foam (PPT, Poron), leather, rubber, EVA, cork, felt, fabric, Alcantara, etc. Also very good adhesion to metal, carbon fibre, and compact PE/PP. The adhesive film is very flexible and transparent. The bonded parts can be separated many times, and the adhesive never fully crystallizes.


Open time: 1 – 60 min

Sizes: 16oz, 32oz, 1 Gallon

Made in Germany


Roughen all materials if applicable, clean if necessary. Aquilim SG can be sprayed, applied with a roll, brush, etc.

To bond two different materials, apply the adhesive to the more porous/absorbent side. If two pieces of the same material are combined, apply to both sides. Make sure that a closed adhesive film is formed. Let the adhesive dry until it turns transparent (1-3 minutes), and put the parts together.

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The Renia GmbH was founded in the year 1930 and has existed since then as an independent family company outside of any affiliated group, now led by the third generation.