Adhesive - Renia -  Thinner - deSohl

Adhesive - Renia - Thinner - deSohl

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Renia deSohl is a mixture of organic solvents that is free of toluene and MEK. It is a powerful cleaning and de-bonding agent used for removing shoe soles.  It will dissolve all Renia contact adhesives.  Can also be used to clean glue brushes and glue pots.

Can be used to test for Thermoplastic Rubber (TR).  Put one drop on the plastic material. If it melts and smears, it is TR!

Toluene Free

Size: Liter

Made in Germany

*Make sure to use in a well ventilated area.

Intended for cleaning leather and for removing shoe soles, top-lifts etc. 
Pour Renia-deSohl on the leather sole.
The product permeates the leather quickly and dissolves the adhesive film.
Can be used to dissolve all contact cements, plastics adhesives and hot-melt systems.
**Not suitable for two component adhesives. 

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The Renia GmbH was founded in the year 1930 and has existed since then as an independent family company outside of any affiliated group, now led by the third generation.