Adhesive - Renia - Klebfest - High Power Cement

Adhesive - Renia - Klebfest - High Power Cement

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Renia Klebfest is a polychloroprene cement for bonding many materials around shoes that is free of toluene and MEK.

Open Time:  Depends on the material: 5 - 30 minutes (TR 3 - 15 minutes). Renia - Klebfest can be dried with an infra red lamp: IR-Lamp 176 °F: 3 minutes, shock-activator: 3 seconds.

Size: 60g, 90g

Made in Germany

*Make sure to use in a well ventilated area.

Grind the materials, free them from dust, and coat them with Renia - Klebfest until you can see a layer of cement.  Leather and other porous materials may have to be coated twice.  PE, PP: Contact with an open gas flame.  TR (Thermoplastic Rubber): Clean with acetone.  Certain TR types need to be halogenated with Rehagol and bonded with Syntic-TOTAL or Colle de Cologne.  PUR (Polyurethane): After grinding, press the material with absorbent paper to remove the water. Then coat it with ReniaPrimer for PUR.  Apply the adhesive without delay.

Click here to view or print full tech sheet.

The Renia GmbH was founded in the year 1930 and has existed since then as an independent family company outside of any affiliated group, now led by the third generation.